Programme committee for the PhD Programme in Health, Function and Participation

The programme committee is an advisory body to the Dean on issues related to PhD education

The committee is appointed for four years. A PhD student representative is appointed every two years. 

The programme committee has a mandate as follows 

The committee has delegated authority from the board in the following matters: 

  • Approve changes in the programme description within the scope of the accreditation
  • Decide which Master’s degrees qualify for admission to the given PhD programme 
  • Approve admission to the PhD programme 
  • Approve supervisors, project description and work plan 
  • etermine criteria to rank qualified applicants when the number of applicants exceed admission capacity
  • Follow-up of the candidate’s progress
  • Appoint evaluation group for the midterm evaluation 
  • Receive and present cases regarding the evaluation of the doctoral thesis for procedure 
  • Nominate evaluation committee members to the central PhD committee 
  • Decide on matters regarding the individual doctoral candidate 

Committee members 

  • Vice dean of research, professor Alice Kvåle (chair) 
  • Professor Marjolein Iversen 
  • Professor John Roger Andersen
  • Professor Oddvar Førland
  • PhD fellow: Rakel Aasheim Greve 
  • Substitute: Professor Liv Heide Magnussen
    Substitute: Professor Kjetil Grimastad Lundberg
  • Substitute: PhD fellow Gunhild Skipenes Meen 

In addition, professor Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann (head of programme and secretary for the programme committee) and advisor Rachel Berge (administrative head of programmme).

Meeting dates 2023

  • 13. February
  • 31. March
  • 12. June
  • 23. August
  • 24. October
  • 12. December

Deadline for sending applications and other topics to the programme committee: At least three weeks before the meeting date. Send an email to with a copy to  

Please note that applicants to the ph.d. programme who are financed by the Resaearch Council of Norway through either Industrial Ph.D. Scheme or Public Sector Ph.D. scheme, may ask to have their applications considered by the committee earlier than the first upcoming meeting date.