Project leader and work package leaders

bilde av Edit Bugge

Edit Bugge

Dr Edit Bugge is the project leader of the IMPECT project, where she also leads WP2 and WP5. She is a professor in Norwegian language at HVL, with a background is from sociolinguistics and second language teaching. She has previously worked on a variety of projects on social conditions for language use and language change, as well as language and literacy acquisition in multidialectal and multilingual contexts. She has published on a range of topics related to language transmission and acquisition, multiliteracy, language change in urban and rural communities, language ideologies, and language attitudes and speaker evaluations.

bilde av Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen

Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen

Dr Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen is the leader of WP1 and WP3, and a professor in second language acquisition at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She holds a PhD in language testing and assessment and has worked for many years with the development and validation of language tests for adult migrants in Norway. Her research interests are primarily related to the use and misuse of language tests and the consequences of language tests on test takers and society.

bilde av Lorenzo Rocca

Lorenzo Rocca

Lorenzo Rocca is responsible of the language projects department at the Società Dante Alighieri in Rome. He worked for many years at the University for Foreigners of Perugia engaging in test development and teacher training. His research interest is focused on the migration context; within this focus Lorenzo is the chair of the ALTE LAMI SIG since 2008 and is a member of the Council of Europe LIAM project since 2014. In 2020 he was awarded with the national scientific qualification as Associate Professor. Within the IMPECT project Lorenzo is the co-leader of the Work Package 3.

bilde av Marte Nordanger

Marte Nordanger

Dr Marte Nordanger is the leader of WP4 and a post doctor in the IMPECT project where she investigates the consequences of language and knowledge requirements for citizenship and permanent settlement for language learning and for teachers’ professional identities. She is currently a co-editor of Nordand (Nordic Journal of Second Language Research), and she holds a PhD in second language acquisition. Her SLA research is specialized on spoken language and adult learners’ L2 Norwegian language development over time, but she has also conducted work on teachers’ beliefs and students’ perspectives on teaching and learning.

Senior researchers

bilde av Ricky van Oers

Ricky van Oers

Dr Ricky van Oers is a lawyer who has been involved in various international research projects on the effects of formal language and knowledge of society requirements for immigrants. In 2013, she defended her PhD research Deserving Citizenship. Citizenship Tests in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK (Brill 2014). In the framework of the IMPECT project, she is mainly involved in Work Package 3 which concerns the impact of migration tests on LESLLA learners in the Council of Europe Member States. Ricky currently is Professor of Immigrant Inclusion and Law at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Assistant Professor focusing on migrant inclusion and social justice at the Centre for Migration Law of the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

PhD students

bilde av Live Grinden

Live Grinden

Live Grinden is a PhD candidate in the IMPECT project. She holds an MA in International Education and Development from OsloMET, Afhad University for Women and University of Zambia. Her research interests are literacy teaching and the L2 learning environment for adults with little formal schooling and limited print literacy. In her Phd project, she investigated how the Norwegian language requirement for citizenship motivates this group of learners to learn Norwegian as L2. She is a teacher in basic literacy skills.

bilde av Sara Ahmed Hama Karim

Sara Ahmed Hama Karim

Sara Karim is a PhD-candidate at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Her doctoral research is conducted within the IMPECT project. She holds a master's degree in sociology from the University of Oslo. Her research interests include migration, transnationalism, Kurdish identity, adult migrant identity, belonging and second language learning. She is currently engaged in data collection for her PhD-thesis with the working title Candidates’ Perspectives on Language and Citizenship Tests in Norway and Denmark.

bilde av Terje Hellesen

Terje Hellesen

Terje Hellesen is a research fellow in the Impact project. He is a Cand.philol. in philosophy from the University of Bergen. His research interests include, among other things, discourse analysis and the relationship between language and power. In his PhD project, he examines the discourse on the introduction of language and knowledge requirements in Norway and how teachers experience the new requirements.

Associated project members

bilde av Anna Mouti

Anna Mouti

Anna Mouti is a Project participant at the IMPECT Project. She is an Assistant Professor in Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics, at the School of Italian Language and Literature at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She also cooperates with the MA Programme “Language education for refugees and migrants” of the Hellenic Open University. It was her involvement in the language education of adult refugees and migrants in Greece that led her to the ALTE LAMI Special Interest Group and she is mainly involved in the LASLLIAM-LAMI research goals. Her research interests are related to second language acquisition, language testing and assessment and language education of adult refugees and migrants.

bilde av Kamran Khan

Kamran Khan

Dr Kamran Khan is an associate professor and the director of the MOSAIC research group on multilingualism at the University of Birmingham. He has specialised in citizenship language testing for over 10 years and has worked in the UK, Spain and Denmark. He was a Marie Curie Fellow and has previously worked on a variety of projects related to issues around citizenship, race and security. He is the author of ‘Becoming British: Linguistic Trials and Negotiations’ (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Research Assistants

bilde av Jonathan Jonsson

Jonathan Jonsson

Jonathan Jonsson is a research assistant at the IMPECT project, and holds a MA in Master in Asia and Middle East Studies from the University of Oslo and a BA in philosophy from Umeå University, Sweden. Their research interests include Arabic literature and philosophy.

bilde av Robiel Gebrehiwet

Robiel Gebrehiwet

Robiel Gebrehiwet is a research assistant in IMPECT, working with transcription and translation of research interviews in Tigrinja. He is a bilingual teacher in Bergen municipality. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. At the moment he is a master student in Cultural Encountes in Høgskolen i Volda. He is currently working on a master thesis in bilingual teachers and bilingual education.

bilde av Anna-Julie Rødal

Anna-Julie Rødal

Anna-Julie Rødal is a research assistant on the IMPECT-project and works with transcribing interviews in Norwegian. At the moment she is a master student at the teacher educational program “Grunnskolelærer 5-10” at Høgskulen på Vestlandet. She is at her fifth year and is currently working with a master thesis in English subject.

bilde av Susan Farkhari

Susan Farkhari

Susan Farkhari is a research assistant in IMPECT, working with the transcription and translation of research interviews in Dari and Pashto. She has a degree in architecture from the Polytechnic university of Kabul, education in social work from HVL, and a Bachelor degree in English from UiB. She is currently in the lector program in foreign language at UiB, and works as a language assistant in LESLLA classes at Bergen læringssenter.

bilde av Helene Utvik

Helene Utvik

Helene is a research assistant in the IMPECT-project, transcribing interviews in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish as well as translating interviews to English. For the time being, she is a master student at the teacher education GLU 5-10 at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences where she is writing a master’s thesis in English subject this fall. The topic of her thesis is censorship of language use in the literature.