6. Changes in research- or student projects under the Personal Data Act and the Health Research Act

The routine shall ensure that the processing of personal data in the project takes place following the privacy regulations.

  • In the event of a planned significant change to a research project from the original notification, the project manager/student must submit a change notification to NSD / REK / and possibly other approval bodies (for example, Statistics Norway). This applies to, e.g., by changing the date of project end/anonymization, selection with impact on criteria for consent, types of data, the addition of methods or project organization.
  • The project manager/student cannot implement the change until the change notification has been approved. The assessment time for NSD is up to 30 days.
  • The project manager/student updates the registration form for information on the research server if it has been used for storing data.
  • If the change is extensive, NSD may consider that the project must send a new notification form. This applies, for example, if the project has been given a new purpose.