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PDR100 Process Drama - a preliminary course

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

This module is offered to students in a threemonth exchange programme. It is a preparatory course for the module DRA304 Drama, Theatre and Bildung (15 credits) og DRA308 Theatre in Education (TIE). Focus is on explorative work through process drama and relevant theories.

The module introduces practical work and theory of process drama. Drama methods and conventions are central. Focus is on the leader/facilitator as a planner, organiser, coach and collaborator.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the module, the candidate has obtained knowledge in:

  • Theories of process drama
  • Relevant drama didactics

Upon completion of the module, the candidate can:

  • Make use of a variety of drama educational methods and conventions

Upon completion of the study, the candidate can:

  • Facilitate a process drama with children and adolescents

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Process drama, lectures, workshops/student-led teaching, a written assignment: Reflection on a chosen process drama structure.

Compulsory learning activities

It is expected that students attend all teaching sessions, sharing the responsibility for carrying out learning activities.


Practical group exam at the end of the course:

Lead/facilitate a given process drama.

Information about the time and place of the exam will be published on Canvas. Postponed/new exams will be carried out individually.

Mark: Pass/Fail

Examination support material

Props and costumes if needed.

More about examination support material