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EVN1013 Change capasity - leadership and management in maritime organizations

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

The course is a web-based introductory course that will give the students 2,5 credits if they take the home examination. Students who do not choose to take the exam will be given a course certificate.

The course span 12 teaching hours spread over 6 blocks. Each block consists of 4 x 30 minutes teaching sessions plus 15 minutes break between each teaching session. Each teaching session will be a total of 3 hours including breaks. There will be held 2 blocks each week for 3 weeks.

Central themes in the course will be change leadership and management, with special focus on change capacity in organizations.

The course will focus on challenges and dilemmas that will face employees on all levels in maritime related organizations, both private and public.

Learning Outcome

:  The students will gain knowledge about some important themes within the main topic of change leadership and management in organizations, especially on change capacity. Look at organization and elements that give results in the change process in light of change capacity. They will have basic knowledge of the most common challenges faced by managers in maritime-related companies in controlled organizational change processes; and the most common mistakes that are made in terms of capacity for change.

  The students should be able to use theory and research from the curriculum to recognize elements in the organizational change processes, and relate this change capacity, and to some degree explain some of the mistakes that are done in these processes.



  • The students should have insight in the most central challenges and dilemmas within the topic of organizational change leadership and management, and especially then organizational change capacity.
  • The students should be able to develop their own leadership/management style in organizational change processes and reflect on how they themselves and others could be stimulated to learn and grow as human beings.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

The students should have some work experience from and personal interest in maritime organizations and/or maritime related activities.

The students must be able to follow lectures on an university level, and read as well as understand written English.

Teaching methods

The course is taught digitally. Teaching consists of webinars, where the lecturer arranges conversations, dialogue with and input from students and is open to questions. In addition, there will be interaction on a common digital learning platform.

Compulsory learning activities

It is mandatory to attend the lectures.


Written individual home exam - 4 hours

Grade: passed/failed

Examination support material

All printed and written study aids may be used

More about examination support material