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M120DR113 Drama pedagogy and theatre theory

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

This is module 1 of the Master's Degree in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre. The module provides a deeper understanding of the relationship between drama and theatre and further develops a solid foundation for drama teaching, theatre mediation and research in drama pedagogy.

Learning Outcome


After completion of the module, the student has acquired knowledge about

  • history and development of drama pedagogy,
  • history and development of theatre art, from ancient to post-dramatic theatre,

and in-depth knowledge about

  • various forms of applied theatre, participatory theatre and community theatre,
  • the role of drama pedagogy and performing arts in schools, education, art and cultural life.


After completion of the module, the student can

  • problematise philosophical, arts pedagogical and artistic traditions in the field,
  • reflect in a critical and constructive way on the theory and practice of the field.

General competence

After completion of the module, the student can

  • plan, implement and analyse drama teaching and theatre mediation on the basis of subject theory,
  • explain forms of expression and art pedagogical methods of the field in different social arenas.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Methods of instruction in this module will interchange between lectures, workshops and seminars, 2-3 days a week. On account of further progression in the programme, the module demands regular attendance and active participation in teaching, independent studies, contribution in workshops and presentations in seminars. Students are expected to organise colloquia groups

Compulsory learning activities

  • Requirement 1., group work: Development, implementation and analysis of a process drama aimed at a specific target group. The students will devise and implement the initial phase (1,5 hour) of a process drama for an imagined target group. The workshop is implemented with the other students in the master's programme.
  • Requirement 2., pair work: Written presentation of a chosen article from the syllabus. The students will analyse and reflect on the professional intention, research question, argumentation and source foundation of the text. 

More specific guidelines are available at the start of the module. 


Individual written home exam, 5 days. The student will write a professional prose text on a topic related to the module, with a scope of about 4000 words. The teachers will not give guidance during the home exam period. The thesis is written with 1,5 line spacing. 

The exam is graded A-F. F is a failing grade.

Examination support material


More about examination support material