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M120DR213 Applied theatre and project management

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

This is module 2 of the Master's Degree in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre. The module is an artistic/arts pedagogical cooperation project with a group of drama students and a chosen social arena outside of the university (prison, health care, cultural centre, hospital, etc.).

Learning Outcome


After completion of the module, the student has acquired knowledge about:

  • Applied theatre as an arts pedagogical philosophy and a field of practice
  • Problems, questions and concepts from the practice and theory of applied theatre
  • Project development, arts pedagogical adaptation and facilitation, and artistic mediation through working with a performative presentation/a performative programme.


After completion of the module, the student can:

  • Demonstrate acting competence and master the field¿s forms of expression.
  • Combine form and content in a conscious way artistically, and mediate/facilitate within a chosen aesthetic
  • Communicate and interact performatively with target groups from chosen social arenas
  • Work out a project concept and a financing plan for own art-based undertakings.

General competence

The student can

  • Implement drama pedagogy and applied theatre on different social arenas
  • Lead and manage projects in applied theatre
  • Evaluate and put to use research-based approaches in the chosen project of this module.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

The module is mainly student-led, with some guidance from teachers. The module is not organised with a fixed schedule. The students have the responsibility to make necessary appointments. The work is organised in small groups. The individual student has, however, professional responsibility for the entirety of the project implementation. The module requires mandatory attendance and active participation in seminars and group activities.

Compulsory learning activities

  • Requirement 1: Project description with a timetable for project development and rehearsals of performative material. Approximately 1500 words.
  • Requirement 2: A 2-step presentation of the project concept: a) a Power Point presentation (12 minutes); b) a short version of the Power Point presentation (5 minutes presentation) 


Practical group exam. The exam takes place on a social arena outside of the university. The exam is a performative presentation for/with participants from the chosen arena. Each group submits in advance a project description related to its exploration of the performative material, approximately 1500 words.

The syllabus is 800 pages.

The exam is graded A-F. F is a failing grade.

There are specific guidelines and criteria for evaluating the project, which will be presented  in the beginning of the project.

In the event of a delayed/new exam, the candidates present an adapted version of their work.

Examination support material


More about examination support material