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M120DR313 Theory of Science, Research Methods and Academic Writing

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

This is module 3 of the Master's Degree in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre. The module provides insight into research questions/problems related to theory of science, research method and academic text work. Parts of the teaching in this module is common with the teaching in the master's programmes Children and Young People's Literature, and Music Pedagogy.

Learning Outcome

In this module, the students will acquire knowledge about relevant science-theoretical concepts and problems, research traditions and analytical methods.


The student

  • has in-depth advanced knowledge of scientific research traditions in drama pedagogy and applied drama and theatre,
  • has in-depth knowledge of various methods within art pedagogical research in drama pedagogy and applied drama and theatre.


The student

  • can apply knowledge in a critical manner,
  • can analyse and discuss academic texts,
  • can describe, make use of and discuss different research methods and traditions.

General competence

The student

  • can communicate in an analytical and critical manner about arts pedagogical research, in writing and orally,
  • can discuss research ethics,
  • can analyse and relate critically to various information sources,
  • can utilise science concepts and apply them in professional discourse.

As part of the learning, it may be relevant for students to participate in the drama section's research projects.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Methods of instruction in this module will interchange between lectures and seminars. The module demands regular attendance and active participation in teaching and independent studies, and that students contribute with seminar and project presentations. Students are expected to organise colloquia groups

Compulsory learning activities

Obligatory written requirement: Reflection and analysis of characteristic features of own selected text from the syllabus. Criteria for design, submission and evaluation will be announced on Canvas. This written assignment is evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

The assignment must be completed within the prescribed time limits and approved before the start of the exam. 


An individual written home exam over 5 days of an assignment related to the module. The course teachers do not provide tutorials in relation to writing the home exam. Recommended length of the assignment: about 3000 words. The paper is written with 1,5 line spacing and submitted electronically on Wiseflow.



The exam is evaluated internally and is marked A-F, in which F corresponds to not approved.

Postponed/new exam: Implemented as ordinary exam.

Examination support material


More about examination support material