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M120DR413 Artistic research

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

This is module 4 of the Master's Degree in Drama Pedagogy and Applied Theatre. The module is closely linked to module 3 and it constitutes a starting point for module 5. The module comprises research methods used in drama pedagogy and applied theatre carried out as artistic research. The module encompasses a project in which the students implement their own artistic research where the artistic product/presentation is supplemented with a reflection on both the process and the product. The module combines practical drama/theatre work with theoretical reflection on the explorations carried out through the dramatic approaches.

Learning Outcome


After completion of the module, the student has acquired knowledge about:

  • Central terminologies, methods, and methodologies within artistic research
  • Relevant artistic research projects, research articles and exemplary research within the field of drama pedagogy and applied theatre
  • Participatory research methods and knowledge production
  • Drama pedagogy and applied theatre as research methods.


After completion of the module, the student can:

  • Apply artistic processes in research and artistic development
  • Analyse artistic processes, artistic expressions and make use of subject specific research terminologies and texts related to artistic research (composition, argumentation, context and method)
  • Formulate research questions and project draft relevant for the master programme in drama pedagogy and applied theatre.

General Competence

The student can

  • Convey relevant artistic research projects in Norway and internationally
  • Analyse and communicate his/her independent research & development arts-projects
  • Develop a design for an artistic research project within the field of drama pedagogy and applied theatre.

Entry requirements


Teaching methods

Methods of instruction in this module will interchange between lectures workshops and seminars, 2-3 days a week, with an increasing amount of individual work and group work when completing a performance or a corresponding artistic product. The module demands regular attendance and active participation in all teaching activities, individual studies and seminars. An excursion is traditionally a part of this module.

Compulsory learning activities

Requirement 1:

The students will observe a drama/theatre workshop. The students test out research methods: observations methods, writing logg and interview. Individually and in group the students plan and inmplement and interview wiht the teacher holding the drama/theateatre workshop.

Requirement 2:

Reflecting text (three/four pages). Either drama, observation, log or interview as research method.The requirements are evaluated on a pass/non-pass basis.

Requirement 3:

Pair work: oral presentation of a chosen article from the syllabus. The student wills analyse and reflect on the intension/problem of the text, its argumentation and its uses of sources.  Pass/non-pass.    


The evaluation of this module consists of two components:

Part 1: Individually: performing a monologperformance based on given task as an artistic development work: length: 8-12 minutes.

Part 2: An individual written exam where the student reflect on artistic development work based on the students own practice and performed practical exam. 4000 words.

The student must pass both requirements in order to have this course approved. When not-approved is received on one of the prats, the part which has not been approved can be taken as postponed/new exam.

Marking: Approved / not approved.

Examination support material


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