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MMO5017 Master thesis

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

The master thesis is an independent, empirical and scientific work in which the student documents insight into research and development work, relevant theory and methods relevant for the problem examined in the thesis. Based on the students profile choice the subject will provide the student with the ability to deepen their knowledge about a specific topic within the maritime field.

Through the independent work the students shall develop their analytical abilities and achieve a deeper understanding of theoretical and/or empirical possibilities and challenges within the chosen field of study.

The work on the master thesis is to be carried out in accordance with ethical guidelines for research and rules and regulations at the partner institutions. In total, the master thesis will document understanding, reflection and maturity.

The master's thesis will include:

  • academic and scientific theory positioning of the problem area and issue
  • justification of the theory and method selection
  • implementation of a research project in the chosen practice field
  • presentation, analysis and discussion of results

Learning Outcome

The candidate:                

  • Has knowledge of key directions within scientific theory
  • Has knowledge of key research methods within maritime research
  • Has insight into what scientific knowledge is and how this is developed
  • Has practical and theoretical knowledge of the phases of a research project
  • Has knowledge of applicable norms for research ethics



The candidate:


  • Is able to develop a research design and do theoretical and/or empirical analyses on own or existing material
  • Can analyze and critically assess different sources of information
  • Can reflect on research ethics and related issues
  • Can formulate research questions and relate these to different methods
  • Is able to use software for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Can carry out an independent, limited research project under supervision and in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics



The candidate:

  • Can reflect on and critically assess own and other people¿s work
  • Can communicate extensive independent work and masters language and terminology of both the academic and maritime field
  • Can analyze problems related to the profession, academia and research ethics
  • Can discuss own and other¿s work with both specialists and the general public
  • Is able to evaluate the quality of existing research literature
  • Can use the knowledge and skills achieved through the work on the master¿s thesis on future research projects

Entry requirements

The students must have completed the MMO5001 Philosophy of Science, Research Design and Methods course (or equivalent), and completed a minimum of 45 ECTS Credits within the study programme

Recommended previous knowledge

Builds on previous courses within the study programme.

Teaching methods

The master's thesis is an independent subject closely connected to the previous subject in the course of study and will be carried out with supervision. A research proposal will be signed by the student and the supervisor (s) when the proposal is approved by the supervisor (s). The student is responsible for seeking supervision in accordance with the agreed plan. It may be relevant for students to associate the work on the master's thesis with ongoing R&D work at the institution or problems from the maritime industry.

Compulsory learning activities

A research proposal must be submitted as specified in the document Guidelines for the Master thesis - Master of Maritime Operations, Haugesund


Master thesis, 100/100

Examination support material

Master thesis, 100/100 - All supporting materials allowed

More about examination support material