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PL413 Environmental and Public Management Law

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The main part of this course is concentrated on central laws and instruments in Norwegian nature and environmental management, as well as general principles and background for management of nature and environment. About 1/4 of the course is a basic introduction to Norwegian public management law. 

The focus is on practical and vocational application. Students will gain insight into the everyday management practice through meetings with representatives of public management. The students will also practice case management. 

Learning Outcome


The student should have knowledge of:

  • objectives, principles and management tools within central parts of Norwegian environmental management.
  • basic legal concepts, legal sources and legal method.
  • public management according to the Public Administration Act and the Public Information Act; legislation on case management, impartiality, right of access and appeal.
  • public management and balancing of considerations according to important Norwegian environmental acts.


The student can: 

  • perform case management in public nature and environmental management.
  • use legal sources to assess environmental issues.

General competence

The student has a good understanding of:

  • procedural rules in public management.
  • the role of public management in society.
  • the targets and principles of public environmental management.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

PL417 Land use planning or equivalent knowledge. '

Basic knowledge of ecology and environmental protection is recommended

Teaching methods

Lectures, video lectures, seminars and group work

Group and individual assignments

Compulsory learning activities

Requirements before exam

  • Approved written assignment (group assignment with student peer response)
  • Approved participation in 6-9 compulsory seminars. Any absences must be clarified with the course coordinator well in advance of the seminar.


Home examination, 3 days.

Grading: A-F.

Examination support material

All available

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