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EVN1016 How to ensure safe operation,facing the green shift

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

This is a online-based introductory course where participants can gain 2.5 credits (sp) if they take a home exam. Participants who choose not to take the exam will be given a course certificate if an assignment has been approved during the course. More info about this at startup.

The course covers a total of 12 hours tuition, spread over 6 lessons.

  • Lesson 1: Green transition in the maritime industry
  • Lesson 2: Maritime regulations
  • Lesson 3: Safety Management / ISM Code
  • Lesson 4: Risk Management, systematic HSE work
  • Lesson 5: Risk Analysis
  • Lesson 6: Regulators supervision regime

Each lesson will consist of 4 x 30 minutes plus a 15 minute break between each  session. A session will last for 3 hours including breaks. The lessons will be held once a week over a period of 6 weeks.

Central topics are maritime safety regulations, systematic HSE work, risk assessment and regulatory work related to the transition to greener operations in the maritime industry. The safety of the crew on board ships will be particularly emphasized in this course, but the topics covered will be based on practical challenges and dilemmas  that are important for employees at various levels in maritime and maritime-related companies, both private and public.

Learning Outcome


The students

  • have knowledge of maritime regulations related to safety on board
  • have knowledge of risk factors related to health, environment and safety on board
  • have knowledge of methods used for risk analysis
  • have knowledge of theories and models related to safety management



The students

  • can plan and carry out a risk analysis
  • can find, assess and refer to relevant information, regulations and subject material
  • can reflect on their own professional practice in a safety perspective


General competency

The students

  • are aware of relevant professional and ethical issues related to safety work
  • shall be able to communicate key subject material as theories and topical issues  
  • shall be able to contribute to the development of a good HSE practice in their own business

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Interested in and/or experience from maritime activities. Participants must be able to follow the lectures and read and understand English in writing.

Teaching methods

The course is digital. The lessons consists of webinars, where the lecturer arranges interaction through dialogue with the participants and opportunity to ask questions and provide input. In addition, there will be interaction on a common digital learning platform.

Compulsory learning activities



Written individual home exam, 3 hours

Examination support material

All examination support material is allowed

More about examination support material