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MAS221 Mass and Energy Balances

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

Material balance calculations without and with chemical reactions, energy balance calculations, compression and expansion for real gases/fluids, process dynamics, vapor/liquid equilibrium. Equations of state. Introduction to HYSYS (process simulation).

Learning Outcome


The student

  • Has knowledge about material balances and energy balances.
  • Has knowledge about thermodynamic diagrams and compression/expansion for real gasses/fluids.
  • Has knowledge about basic principles of vapor/ liquid equilibrium.
  • Has knowledge about equations of state.


The student is able to

  • Generate simple flowcharts with unknown quantities and can find linearly independent equations.
  • Is able to set up and solve material balances and energy balances in steady-state and dynamic processes without and with chemical reaction.
  • Use thermodynamic diagrams.
  • Calculate compression and expansion for real gasses/fluids.
  • Calculate vapor pressure of pure component.
  • Calculate vapor/ liquid equilibrium.
  • Is able to solve equations of state.

-General qualification:

The student:

  • Has knowledge of process simulation programs.
  • Is able to provide knowledge written and verbal.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Chemistry, Mathematics 1, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.

Teaching methods

Lectures and computational exercises. HYSYS.

Compulsory learning activities

1) One written test and one written assigment.

2) Assigments in HYSYS


Written exam, 3 hours, accounts for 100 % on the final grade.

Grade: A - E / F (failed).

Examination support material

Simple calculator: Allowed calculator is Casio fx-82 (all varieties: ES, ES Plus, EX, Solar etc.)

More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • ING2041 - Prosessteknikk I - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • ING2030 - Prosessteknikk I - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • ING2012 - Grunnleggjande prosessteknikk - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • ING3001 - Prosessteknikk - Reduction: 5 studypoints
  • INGB015 - Masse- og energilikevekter - Reduction: 5 studypoints