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MAS595 Master thesis

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

The master thesis is scheduled for the 4th semester and marks the completion of the studies in sustainable energy technology.

Content may vary within the master program's subject area, but the topic must have an engineering character and profit from knowledge and skills acquired in the program.

The work is carried out individually and can be a collaboration with a company or the public sector, or it can be part of the faculty's research and development activities.

The project leads to a technical report: the master thesis.

The course ends with a public presentation of the thesis (incl. Q&A ) and examination of the candidate (by the examiners).

Learning Outcome

After completing the master thesis, the candidate must have the following learning outcomes.


The student…

  • has broad knowledge of key topics of the subject area and specialized him-/herself in a self-chosen part
  • can use scientific methods and relevant theory for processing and dissemination of technical issues
  • is actively in contact with relevant research communities as well as industry and operators
  • has acquired the necessary skills for organizing and writing technical reports
  • can use relevant procedures and working methods in engineering research and development work


The student…

  • can plan, obtain, analyze, evaluate data and information as well as refer to sources in a critical and reflective way
  • can write technical reports and plan, implement, document and disseminate results from a project work
  • can master tools, methods and techniques used in the master thesis
  • can go in depth in a defined subject area and prepare concrete solutions
  • can assess solutions in relation to technical, economic and environmental / climatic sustainability
  • can assess and reflect on results and specify further research needs

Overall competence

The student…

  • can transfer acquired knowledge and skills into practical solutions and present results in writing and orally
  • understands and can use scientific working methods and can assess issues according to research ethics criteria
  • can work methodically, systematically and goal-orientated and can reflect on their own work
  • can manage its own project including planning, progress assessment and necessary deliverables and status reports
  • can communicate technical issues and solutions to relevant target groups in a professional and understandable way

Entry requirements

MOA256 Scientific theory and methods

MAS550 Guided self study

Teaching methods

Individual and independent work with the project / thesis.

Guidance provided by the supervisor(s).

Regular meetings with supervisor(s).

Compulsory learning activities

Mid-term / status presentation approximately half way in the semester.

The student has to present the problem, progress and any challenges with the thesis so far and to be expected.


Master thesis and adjusting oral exam

Grading scale from A to F, with F being not passed

Examination support material

At the presentation of the master thesis / oral exam: All written and printed resources.

More about examination support material