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MOA300 Master's thesis

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

The aim of this topic is that the candidates learn to conduct a small research and development project within their specialization. The candidates must go through the entire research process from formulation of the problem to the final design of a final product in the form of a task. It is required a high degree student's autonomy.

Learning Outcome


The candidate

  • Has acquired advanced knowledge of summarizing methods and theories, and how to adapt these to a specific chosen topic within the specializations property or land management.


The candidate

  • Has developed skills to prepare the self-chosen topic in a scientific report in a critical and reflective manner.
  • Has developed the ability to formulate scientific research questions and adapt appropriate methods to address this.

Overall competence

The candidate

  • Has acquired knowledge to disseminate research findings to a wide audience both oral, written and visual.

Entry requirements

The master's thesis belongs to the master's program in Land Management.

A minimum of 80 credits of the study program's subjects here under the subject MOA256 Scientific theory and methods, must be completed before one can start the subject.

Teaching methods

Teaching will be in the forms of group supervision, discussions and individual supervision. There will be presentations of the tasks in the class during the semester and feedback from both the lecturers and the other participants. Thesis can be written in Norwegian or English. Each student has a maximum of 30 hours of supervision. This includes the supervisors time for preparations and 10 hours of personal supervision. The amount of time for supervision remains the same in case of co-supervision by more than one supervisor. A supervision contract must be completed and signed by both supervisor(s) and the student.

Compulsory learning activities

Underway oral presentations of the thesis.

It is mandatory attendance in 80 % of plenary supervision. (Not applicable to the exchange students).


Master thesis with adjusting oral presentation. Deadline for delivery of master thesis will be published on the Student Web and digital examination system.

Time and place for the oral examination will be given on Itslearning. The grade of the thesis can be adjusted up or down one grade.

Grading A-F where F is failed.

Examination support material

All support material is permitted.

More about examination support material