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NABP4003 Bachelor thesis

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

The Bachelor Project should include issues related to the maritime field. The project shoul primarily be tied to practical issues or challenges in Shipping Companies, maritime businesses, maritime governmental agencies or ongoing Research and Development projects at the institution.The problem formulation may also be related to the students' own experience in practice.

The course will give students an introduction to social science research methods and academic writing. Through lectures and practical exercises, students will get an introduction to the planning and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The course will also address various ethical issues that students may encounter in the work on the bachelor thesis.

Learning Outcome

- Knowledge:

The student

  • Have knowledge that helps the student to study a specific academic issue methodically.
  • Have broad knowledge about key issues, theories and academic issues tied to the bachelor project.
  • Have broad knowledge about processes, tools and methodology tied to the bachelor project.
  • Are familiar with research and development within the chosen area.

- Skills:

  • Can develop further and use the knowledge they have acquired forming a practical issue, or challenges within shipping companies, maritime businesses, maritime governmental agencies or research and development work.
  • Can exert a critical understanding of the knowledge within the maritime fields.
  • Can update knowledge already achieved and collect relevant research and developmental work.
  • Can use the theories within a larger perspective.
  • Masters relevant research methods.
  • Can find, evaluate and refer to information and scholarly subject matter and present it in a manner that sheds light on the problem.
  • Can work with others on the same level towards a common goal.
  • Is capable of solving challenges related to project work in groups in collaboration with group members.
  • Can reflect upon own academic practice and adjust it under supervision

- General qualifications:

  • Has insight in relevant issues within the maritime field.
  • Is able to plan and execute similar projects, both alone and in collaboration with others.
  • Is able to communicate the project, theories and results.
  • Is aware of ethical guidelines and issues related to work with similar projects.
  • Has experience with working in groups towards a common aim.

Entry requirements

The student has to have at least 100 credits in the study program approved before they can sign up for the bachelor project with completion in the Spring semester, and a minimum of 125 credits for completion in the Fall semester.

Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

The students will solve the task in groups of 3-4 people. The students will receive instruction in social science methods and academic writing as well as supervision. Before starting the work, the supervisor/course coordinator must approve the problem formulation.

Compulsory learning activities

A project plan with a description of the theme, a schedule and a preliminary issue has to be approved by a supervisor/responsible person within a given date.

Course in Academic Writing (will be specified in the beginning of the semester).

Mid-term evaluation (will be specified in the beginning of the semester).

Written assignment (will be specified in the beginning of the semester)


Examination of the submitted bachelor thesis.

Grade A-F

Examination support material

All available.

More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • NAB3030 - Bacheloroppgåve - Reduction: 13 studypoints
  • NAB2015 - Metode for Nautikk - Reduction: 2 studypoints
  • BAMM4000 - Bacheloroppgåve - Reduction: 13 studypoints