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NABY0001 Preparatory mathematics for Nautical Science Y-vei

Course description for academic year 2024/2025

Contents and structure

Basic arithmetic, algebra, equations and inequalities, trigonometry, geometry and functions.

There will be mandatory presence at the course.

Learning Outcome

- Knowledge:

They should have basic knowledge of fractions, parenthesis rules, factorization, potencies, logarithms, and how to use a formula. The students should be able to explain first and second degree equations with one or two unknown factors, simple inequalities, the definition of trigonometric functions for angles less than 180°, triangle calculations, linear functions, equations for straight lines, proportionality, inversely proportionality and quadric functions.

- Skills:

The students should be able to perform basic calculations using fractions, parenthesis rules, factorization and potencies. They should be able to use a formula correctly in calculations.

- General Qualifications:

The students should be able to write mathematics correctly by using mathematic symbols and names. They should have insight in basic concepts in Mathematics and be able to explain these to others. The students should have the necessary prerequisites for future studies within mathematics, physics, and nautical subjects.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures and workshops.

Compulsory learning activities

100 % mandatory attendance


Written exam,

Duration: 2 hours

Assessment: Pass / Fail

Examination support material

Allowed calculator is: Casio fx-991EX. Teknisk formelsamling (Pedersen, Gustavsen, Kaasa og Olsen).

More about examination support material