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Study plan - English One Year Course

Autumn 2020

Learning outcomes


On successful completion of the module, students should have knowledge of

  • English-speaking literature - particularly from Britain and the USA, but also Ireland and the Commonwealth
  • an insight in cultural, social, historical issues in English-speaking countries, with focus on the UK and the USA, but also Ireland and the Commonwealth
  • sounds, intonation, grammar and syntax in the English language
  • theories, practices and resources in English language learning and teaching


On successful completion of the module, students should be able to

  • use the language functionally and with ease
  • follow stylistic rules and cultural conventions in a variety of contexts
  • produce texts according to academic criteria
  • discuss, produce and use didactical material in accordance with the aims in LK-06

General competence

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to 

  • plan and carry out individual assignments in accordance with ethical requirements and principles
  • articulate ideas and professional standpoints both orally and in written language


The course is in two varieties, which should be chosen before 15 September:


Civilisation 10+5 credits English-speaking literature 10+15 credits Linguistics 10+10 credits


Civilisation 10 credits English-speaking literature 10+10 credits Linguistics 10+10 credits English didactics 5+5 credits

Students who wish to choose English Didactics, 5+5 credits, have two options: they can either do a full 60 credits course (alternative A.) and add Didactics, or choose alternative B. , with less Civilisation and English-speaking literature.


For those who do Didactics, a two week period of teaching practice is obligatory in the spring term (10 teaching hours and 4 hours exchange with practice teacher).


The teaching will be given as a mix of lectures and seminars. Practising the English language is one of the main aims throughout the year. The Internet and the learning platform Canvas are used in the course. Please read the individual module plans for further details.


Course work requirements

80 % attendance in all courses.

Each module has its work requirements, which are found in the module plans. The module lecturer decides deadlines and other conditions concerning the work requirements.

Final assessment

To be found in the individual course plans.


The study includes a two-week stay at the Norwegian Study Centre, University of York, usually in weeks 42 and 43.  The main focus is practicing English, but the stay has a full-time programme with native lecturers. The students will be housed on campus in separate rooms.