FD1 Pedagogical folder | Autumn 24

HSPED802 Optional module

The module provides an introduction to how your folder can be prepared so that it documents your pedagogical competence. In the module, you work in collaboration with colleagues on developing your pedagogical folders according to the criteria for an approved folder.

Zoom + physical meetings in groups (if desired)

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    Admission and how to apply


    Introductory course, as part of basic competence

    Admission to HVL

    This optional module is part of HSPED802 Optional modules.

    Module description

    The subject you teach, who you teach, and the purpose of your teaching must be included in the pedagogical folder. You will further problematize which principles you use in your work with the students' learning and how you use these in designing your pedagogical practice. Based on this, the development of your pedagogical folder requires a combination of knowledge within the pedagogical/didactic field, knowledge of the subject area and personal choices and experiences in working with the students' learning.

    The module introduces how a pedagogical folder can be designed, so that it
    documents your educational competence and practical work. The aim during the module is to design a sketch, which can be included in the initial process of writing the pedagogical folder.

    Developing an understanding of one's own teaching involves insight into and discussion with others' experiences and understanding of teaching. In the module, we therefore set out to design your own folder through collaboration with others' design of their folder. In this way, we want you to support each other in the work with your personal educational folders.

    Key concepts

    • Pedagogical folder
    • Pedagogical competence
    • Pedagogical philosophy 

    Learning outcome description

    The participants:

    • can analyze issues related to own teaching
    • can analyze and relate critically to various sources of information and apply this in the development of own teaching
    • can communicate extensive independent work both with colleagues and to the public
    • can collaborate with colleagues in the development of own and each other's teaching histories, as a starting point for the completion of the pedagogical folder.

    Organization of the module

    A total of three digital meetings + intermediate work + physical meetings (if desired). The first digital meeting is an introduction to how you can work with the educational folder. The second and third digital meeting is a presentation and conversation about the educational folder with colleagues.

    Learning activities

    The module consists of three digital meetings and two intermediate assignments:

    1. In the first meeting (2 hours) an introduction is made to what a pedagogical folder is, and how the “Scholarship of teaching and learning” can support the work with a pedagogical folder.
    2. Between the first and second meeting, you must make a presentation (10-15 min.), which describes your educational practice and why you do what you do.
      It must be presented in a meeting with colleagues (writing groups).
    3. In the second meeting, you must present why you do what you do and discuss how this can be included in the development of the pedagogic folders.
    4. Between the second and third meeting, you must start to develop the sketches of your pedagogical CV and folder.
    5. In the third and final meeting, you must share, assess, and discuss how your sketches can be included in the development of a complete pedagogical folders that can be used in your promotion applications.

    In the second and third meeting you are divided into writing groups of 4-6 participants. The writing groups will be largely participant-led. You may receive input from the supervisor.


    • Feedback on presentation of intermediate work in writing groups
    • The final assessment is based on the participants' sketch as a framework for the completion of a pedagogical folder that can be used in the promotion