Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration at HVL has a large professional staff with high competence. More than 80 teachers and researchers educate more than 1000 students.

We have campuses in Bergen, Haugesund og Sogndal. Our graduates receive a solid and relevant education which prepares them and enhances their employability skills for both public and private sectors as well as other organizations. Our students receive innovative and reflective competence during their study. The new competence equip them for livelong experience and further studies at the master level within Norway and abroad.

During the duration of the program, students acquire knowledge about the department’s diverse research and development work and develop a broad and abreast knowledge of relevant theories and methods. This knowledge will equip students to deal with practical issues they may encounter in society, work and business.


Our main bachelor program in Business Administration follows NRØA's plan, and is structured with mandatory subjects within business economy analysis (finance, investment, financial management and accounting), administrative subjects (strategy, organization, management, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship), socioeconomic subjects (microeconomics, macroeconomics, urban and regional economics), methodology subjects (mathematics, statistics and social science method) and ethics (ethical theory, social responsibility and sustainability).

Exchange courses, Semester Programme and Study Year

Bachelor Degree

  • Business Administration, Bergen
  • Business Administration, Haugesund
  • Business Administration, part-time Haugesund
  • Business Administration, Sogndal
  • Real Estates Management, Sogndal
  • Tourism and Travel Management, Sogndal
  • Economy and Law, Sogndal
  • Nature and Tourism, Sogndal

Master Degree

  • Innovation and Management, Bergen
  • Master of Science in Business, Haugesund and Sogndal

PhD programme

  • Responsible Innovation and Regional Development


Our academic staff participate in several research and development project in the area of Business Administration both nationally and internationally.


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Department of Business Administration
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Department of Business Administration
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Department of Business Administration