Media Lab

Media Lab is the Western Norway University’s competence unit for the development and use of digital media and new technology in teaching, research and dissemination. With our expertise in media production and pedagogical use of digital media, Media Lab is a bridge builder between technology and pedagogy. Media Lab contributes to HVL becoming a leader in e-learning and digital forms of communication.

Media Lab’s primary areas of focus are:

  • Media production
  • Pilotation and beta testing of new technology
  • Visualization
  • Development of digital learning resources, mobile applications and AR / VR
  • Advisement for the above areas

Media Lab is responsible for:

  • Learning lab at all campuses
  • Media Lab studio
  • Drone flying

Learning lab

The learning lab is part of the university college's investment in campus design that promotes learning, research and collaboration and a response to the Ministry of Education's digitalisation strategy for the higher education sector and UNIT's action plan for digitization in higher education and research.

HVL will use the innovative learning area as a tool for strategic development of educational quality and digital learning strategy in a larger perspective. Among other things to be able to drive pedagogical innovation and development of varied and student-active forms of learning. It will also be an arena for research, dissemination and sharing. The project is organizationally anchored in ALU, in the line of the vice-rector for education, with Media Lab as the unit responsible for operations.

Contact information

Please contact us at the following email address:


bilde av Sigrid Jordal Havre

Sigrid Jordal Havre

Head of unit


bilde av Tora Andersen

Tora Andersen


bilde av Øyvind Fosse

Øyvind Fosse

Project Manager

bilde av Ferruccio Goia

Ferruccio Goia


bilde av Brian Holmedal

Brian Holmedal

Staff Engineer

bilde av Henning Klafstad

Henning Klafstad

Senior Adviser

bilde av Lisbeth Thomassen Larsen

Lisbeth Thomassen Larsen

Senior Adviser

bilde av Åshild Nerhus

Åshild Nerhus

Senior Adviser

bilde av Mauricio Esteban Pavez Ramirez

Mauricio Esteban Pavez Ramirez

Senior Executive Officer