Associate Professor

Michel Alexandre Cabot

Research groups


  • Meaningful Grammar Feedback in English Writing Teacher Education: Researching Perspectives on Feedback-as-an-artefact, Feedback Reception, and Feedback Provision

    Cabot, Michel Alexandre (2021)
  • Grammatikk og feedback i lærerutdanningens skriveopplæring i engelsk

    Cabot, Michel Alexandre (2020)
  • Unpacking Feedback Types and Modes: An Analysis of EFL Student-Teachers’ Meaning-Making

    Cabot, Michel Alexandre (2019)
  • Unpacking Meaningful Grammar Feedback: An Analysis of EFL Student Teachers’ Feedback Preferences and Learning Moments.

    Cabot, Michel Alexandre (2019)
  • Formative EFL Grammar Feedback in Teacher Writing Education

    Cabot, Michel Alexandre, Kaldestad, Arne (2019)
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