Information about infection control in written exams

Information about HVL’s infection control measures during written exams.

This is information for people who will be taking a written exam on campus. Complying with the official infection control advice allows us to hold exams at HVL safely.  

Infection control measures

  • The exam starts at 09.00 Remember to arrive well before the exam starts. 
  • We ask that you wear a face mask when you arrive at the exam venue, and when you leave. You can remove the face mask when sitting at your desk.
  • Only a few exams are held every day.
  • A distance of more than one metre must be kept between students.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health guidelines for infection control apply. If this applies to you, notify us by submitting the form for absence from an exam. This will be registered as a valid absence for you.
  • It is important to maintain a distance of at least one metre between yourself and other people. This includes fellow students, course teachers and invigilators. Be particularly careful on your way in and out of the exam venue.
  • You will find hand sanitiser at the entrance to the exam venue. Everyone who can use hand sanitiser must use this before and after the exam.

In the exam venue and during the exam, it is important for you to remember this:

  • Instead of personally signing into the exam, an invigilator will register you when you show your ID. 
  • In Bergen, there is a number on your desk that you (or the invigilator) write on a list.
  • You must stay at your desk at all times, unless you need to use the toilet or need an accompanied break. 
  • You must observe good hand and cough hygiene. No one who is ill may be in the exam venue, but there will be some coughing and sneezing by healthy people. Use the crook of your arm if you have nothing else to protect yourself with. 
  • When you are ready to submit your exam answer paper, contact an invigilator. The invigilator will help you with digital submission, or will check through your papers. The invigilator will take your papers to the senior invigilator, who will register your answer paper as submitted. 
  • If you fall ill or develop symptoms of illness during the exam, you must notify an invigilator immediately and terminate the exam. Go home, maintaining extra distance between yourself and others, and if possible avoid using public transport. 

Students in risk groups

If you are in a risk group, you can apply for special examination arrangements, such as sitting in a separate room on campus, or taking the exam via another form of assessment. You must submit an application, together with documentation that you are in a risk group or that you should not take the exam in a venue shared with others for other infection control considerations. Submit the application as early as possible. Application form for special examination arrangements.

Students in quarantine

If you’re in quarantine, you must not take an exam on campus. If this applies to you, notify us by submitting the form for absence from an exam. This will be registered as a valid absence for you.