Academic contact persons at Faculty of Engineering and Science

Here you will find a list of academic contact persons at Faculty of Engineering and Science. The academic contact persons are responsible for the academic program for students who go on exchange, and act as first approvers for the pre-approval form. Academic contact person applies to all campuses, unless otherwise specified.

Department of Civil Engineering

Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Loftur Tor Jónsson

Bachelor in Land Administration and Surveying
Loftur Tor Jónsson

Master in Land Management
Loftur Tor Jónsson

Department of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Bachelor in Computing
Volker Stolz 

Bachelor in Information Technology
Volker Stolz

Bachelor in Automation and Robotics
Ilker Meric

Bachelor in Electronics
Ilker Meric

Bachelor in Electrical Power Engineering
Ilker Meric

Bachelor in Communication Systems
Ilker Meric

Master in Software Engineering
Adrian Rutle

PhD in Computer Science
Volker Stolz

Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering

Bachelor in Energy Technology
Norbert Lümmen

Bachelor in Ocean Technology
Tone Helene Bergset Røkenes

Bachelor in Marine Technology
Gloria Stenfelt

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Bergen)
Hassan Momeni

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering  (Haugesund)
Andrés Olivares Lopez

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Jan Ove Rogde Mjånes

Department of Environmental Sciences

Bachelor in Geology and Geohazards
Matthias Paetzel

Bachelor in Renewable Energy
Matthias Paetzel

Bachelor in Landscape Planning with Landscape Architecture
Matthias Paetzel

Master in Climate change management
Matthias Paetzel


Department of Safety, Chemistry and Biomedical Laboratory Sciences

Bachelor in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences:
Anita Ryningen

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering
Kristin Kvamme

Bachelor in Fire Safety Engineering
Per Fredrik Lennart Hemmingsson

Bachelor in HSE-Engineering
Per Fredrik Lennart Hemmingsson

Master in Fire Safety
Per Fredrik Lennart Hemmingsson

Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development

Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Inger Beate Pettersen