Evidence-Based Practice in Education

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Departement of health and functioning

Project categories

Applied Research

Developmental Project

PhD Project

Project period

March 2015 - December 2020

Project summary


The project consists of several sub-projects, including several Ph.D. projects, and has the overall goal to research how evidence-based practice is implemented in education, what the students learn about the subject and how they use this knowledge in practice. Research is conducted amongst bachelor, master and postgraduate students. The studies focus on the knowledge, skills and competence of current and past students and how they use their education in evidence-based practice to improve health services.

The project also aims to develop new innovative methods of teaching to reach a wider audience and meet the growing demand for e-learning. Today, digital communication channels are extremely useful for teaching, particularly when we want to reach more people.

Research areas include:

• development and evaluation studies within evidence-based practice
• examining whether science helps to promote education in general health amongst youths
• implementation of evidence-based practice in bachelor’s programme
• how healthcare personnel with postgraduate or Master's degree in evidence-based practice value their education after completing their studies and how has this affected their professional practice
• evidence-based decision making
• how disputes in the philosophy of science relates to evidence-based practice
• evaluation of decision support tools in evidence-based practice
• systematic reviews of key issues in education of evidence-based practice
• development, translation and validation of questionnaires for evidence-based practice
• innovation projects within evidence-based practice such as online courses