FINe learning

FINe learning is The Faculty of Engineering and Science group for research and development within pedagogy and didactics.

The group promotes research and development within learning, teaching and education at the faculty. 

The research group collects initiatives at faculty within education research, often based on the research group members' own teaching practice.

The research is in this way closely related to the development and testing of new forms of teaching. The research group aims to contribute to knowledge development and dissemination, and to support project development across the departments.

We examine innovative educational solutions and use of different tools in education such as e-learning, digital media technology and other media tools. The main goal is to improve the students learning outcome, perception and motivation. 

The facultys' close relation to the industry at the western part of Norway, wil also be used in our research on education. 

Research Projects

  • med tilhørende forsking (vinner av den nasjonale Utdanningskvalitetsprisen 2019, DIKU)
  • 2017–2019:  Framtidas ingeniørutdanning i Sunnhordland. Norgesuniversitetsprosjektet
  • 2019 – 2022: Developing entrepreneurial mind-sets across cultures: A Norway – South-Africa collaboration. (INTPART-prosjekt) 
  • 2019: Centre of Excellence in Education and Deeper Learning. 
  • Utviklingskontrakt med Forsvaret/Sjøkrigsskolen
  • Forskargruppe for innovativ teknologiutvikling i utdanning (FORITEK)
  • Research in Learning and Teaching (RiLT)
  • PedLab

Head of Research Group