Glöð (Gloeth - Glow) is a multidisciplinary research group on fire safety. We carry out research on topics of relevance for fire safety, from fire behavior to health risks for firefighters.

To contribute to an improved understanding, Glöð (Gloeth - Glow) performs both experimental work and computational work, combining when necessary natural and social sciences.

We work to understand fire as a phenomenon, to improve the fires safety of private citizens, young and old, industry and society at large.  Experiments within smoldering and pool fires are examples of research activities Glöð carries out to understand fundamental fire behavior as such.  Based on such experiments, we develop theoretical tools that allow predictions for new situations.

However, to improve fire safety, an understanding of how fires are ignited, evolve, and can be extinguished does not suffice.  Fire safety always involves humans.  With their behavior and reactions, humans may prevent fires from occurring, or inflict fires.  During emergency evacuation, choices made by individuals may be decisive.  Furthermore, the ability to react adequately to fires (prevention, evacuation) varies significantly.  This can be read off from fire statistics, where so-called vulnerable groups (elderly, disabled) are strongly overrepresented.

We collaborate with fire brigades and industry – and with researchers at institutions in Norway and abroad.

Ongoing research projects:  

Head of Research Group

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