Kindergarden and Professional education

Research and development in kindergarten and kindergarten teacher education.

The research group takes an interest in a range of topics related to children and childhood, the understanding of curriculum and values, educational leadership and guidance, the learning of organizations as well as the teacher profession and professional ethics.

Sub-project 1: Coherence: The career dialogue in kindergarten teacher education
Sub-project 2: Coherence: From student to professional
Sub-project 3: Coherence: Leadership relations in education and kindergarten

A report on the research is available in Norwegian at HVL Open.

Head of Research Group

bilde av Annette Kristoffersen Winje

Annette Kristoffersen Winje

Associate Professor

Associate Professor
Department of Pedagogy, Religion and Social Studies




Teacher Education and Development, Pedagogy and interdisciplinarity: Research on the reformed kindergarten teacher education (KTE) in Norway (2020) Margrethe Jernes, Åse Dagmar Knaben, Inger Benny Espedal Tungland and Marit Alvestad 

Toddler's meeting with recycled materials Halland, Sissel Aastvedt (2019) Barn 2019 Volum 37 ;(1)s. 81-94  

Making democracy in the kindergarten's communicative community: a study of the youngest child's language, the kindergarten's relational and spatial quality and its significance for the youngest children's access and communication of the life world in the kindergarten

Winje, Annette Kristoffersen (2017) Barn 2017 Volum 35 ;(4)s. 53-69.  


Digital competence in working with language and aesthetic subjects in kindergarten from the adults' perspective (2020) Ingrid A. R. Grønsdal, Katrine Borgenvik, Liv Ingrid FjellangerKirsti Aksnes, Hannah Belsvik Hansen, Åsmund Espeland mfl. 

The many opportunities for the professional conversation - a practice-oriented action research in kindergarten teacher education at HVL Campus Stord. Høgskulen på Vestlandet 2017 31 s.  HVL. Halland, Sissel Aastvedt; Winje, Annette Kristoffersen; Fjellanger, Liv Ingrid; Nordlie, Randi. 

Popular scientific papers (Norwegian)

Kindergarten needs many looks and voices to explore and shed light on the potential that lies there as a springboard for further work (2020) Liv Ingrid Fjellanger og Sissel Jeanette Aastvedt Halland. 

Kindergarten teacher education needs better financial framework (2019) Annette Kristoffersen Winje 

Let the children free their humor (2019) Annette Kristoffersen Winje og Marita Berger Nylund 


Organizer of conferences

Research Days at HVL 2020: Kindergarten Conference Campus Stord 26.09.2020. Title: The playful child.  Maritha Berger Nylund and Annette Kristoffersen Winje.

The research group has attended the following conferences:

NAFOL 2020 HVL. Inquiry as a Bridge between Theory and Practice in Teaching and Teacher EducationVirtual Conference for Emerging Researchers in Teacher Education. Abstract:  The professional conversation

Profession conversation. Norwegian Kindergarten Research Conference 2019 play and interaction; 2019-10-16 - 2019-10-17 HVL. Winje, Annette Kristoffersen; Nordlie, Randi Elisabeth; Halland, Sissel Aastvedt; Fjellanger, Liv Ingrid.  

Experiences from practical research with professional interviews in kindergarten teacher education. Science Week; 2019-09-26 - 2019-09-26  HVL Fjellanger, Liv Ingrid; Winje, Annette Kristoffersen; Halland, Sissel Aastvedt; Nordlie, Randi Elisabeth.


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