Spatial Planning and Urban Studies

The research group on spatial planning and urban studies focuses on the topics of sustainable urban development, densification, aesthetics, building customs, architecture, cultural heritage protection, landscape architecture, transformation of urban areas , infrastructure and mobility, universal design and development of theories on the built environment, and socio-spatial analytical tools and methods.

The multi-disciplinary group combines experts in the natural sciences, social sciences, law and the humanities. Our research emphasizes the connections between the users and the built environments beyond the individual factors. We are interested in how a combination of social and spatial factors interrelate and affect the physical environment as a framework for education, housing, work, and recreation. 

To understand and analyze these connections, they have to be identified and unpacked as tangible and measurable criteria that can be observed at local or regional level from different theoretical perspectives. 

Our current projects includes researching energy efficient buildings, urban street design for spatial quality and well-being, the connection between plan implementation and property structure at district level, national and international sustainability goals and how these affect spatial planning policy and practice, and the effect of geographical information systems on decision-making processes related to planning and construction matters.

Our interdisciplinary approach to the challenges and issues of the built environments and surroundings is characterized by our expertise in combining different socio-spatial analytical tools for theory and method development. 

The group is extensively involved with education at the bachelors and masters level, where we apply research-oriented teaching and problem-based learning.

Research Themes and Topics:

  • Architectural history and conservation theory 
  • Climate and energy consumption in buildings and transport
  • Cultural heritage protection
  • Densification
  • Landscape architecture
  • Planning and conflicts
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Social segregation
  • Spatial quality
  • Spatial structure and networks
  • Socio-spatial analysis tools and methods (Space Syntax)
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable mobility and transport
  • Transport and infrastructure planning
  • Universal design
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Urban form and energy consumption 
  • Urban morphology and place phenomenology
  • Development of theories on the built environment

Head of Research Group

bilde av Akkelies van Nes

Akkelies van Nes


Research Group Members

Research Projects

  • SPACERGY (2016-2020) 
    EU Urban. Contakt person: A van Nes

  • Fortetting Bergen Kommune (2016)
    Contakt person: R.E de Koning, Hans Jakob Roald

  • Building design for At-risk groups (2020-2024)
    WP2: Design of homes and buildings for at risk groups.
    Contakt person: C. Ahmer. 

  • Boliger for alle (2020 - 2021) project number: 6000908
    Project financed by Husbanken. Contact persons: C. Reksten, H. J. Roald

  • Density in Bergen (2020 – 2022),, project number: 827471. Project lead: C. Reksten

  • Seashore under pressure: Regional Conflicts and Wind Power Technology in Western Norway,, project number: 986251
    Project lead: C. Reksten

Selected Publications

Ahmer, C., 2020, Riegl's 'Modern Cult of Monuments' as a theory underpinning practical conservation and restoration work. Journal of Architectural Conservation 2020.

Ahmer, C., 2020, Alois Riegl Age Value Theory: Shifting Ideologies and Methods in Preservation Practices. (Case study, Akershus Castle). I: REHABEND 2020 construction pathology, rehabilitation technology and heritage management (8th REHABEND Congress) Granada (Spain), March 24th-27th, 2020. Editorial de la Universidad de Cantabria 2020.ÚMENES_v2-1.pdf

Ahmer, C.  2021, The qualities of works of architecture in relation to Universal Design. UD2021 International conference on Universal Design, Aalto University, Finland June 9th to 11th 2021.

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