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ING3057 Emergency Management and Fire Prevention

Course description for academic year 2020/2021

Contents and structure

The course includes two parts. The first part (emergency management) gives an introduction to emergency planning and management of accidents and crises. The second part (fire prevention) gives an introduction to planning and organization of fire protection and how to carry out fire prevention inspections.

It may be necessary to travel in connection with participation in fire prevention inspection. The course is an elective course and will only be held if there are enough participants.

Learning Outcome


The student

  • Knows the relevant laws and regulations regarding to emergency planning and management of accidents and crises, including the responsibilities of various operators and organizations in relation to emergency management.
  • Is able to explain how emergency response organizations should be structured and how emergency management systems function.
  • Knows the principles for managing accidents and crises and how to carry out emergency responses.
  • Knows the fire department`s role as executive authority and the importance of fire protection and prevention in society.
  • Knows the relevant laws regarding to fire protection and prevention (Regulation of Internal Control included instructions, Fire and Explosion Prevention Act included regulations and instructions, and so on).
  • Is able to explain how fire prevention work should be planed and organized (including the use of risk assessments as basis for fire protection)
  • Is able to explain how fire prevention inspections should be carried out, how inspections should be followed up, and how different sanctions are applied.
  • Is able to explain how motivation and information actions and guidance and consulting can be used as a tool in fire prevention work.



The student is able to

  • Use risk and vulnerability analysis and emergency analysis to identify, evaluate and dimension emergency arrangements for managing accidents, crises and other unexpected incidents
  • Prepare emergency plans.
  • Lead and manage emergency responses.
  • Use risk assessments to plan the fire prevention work.
  • Prepare and conduct fire prevention inspections and prepare reports as a basis for following up the fire protection work.


-General qualification:

The student:

  • is emergency minded in general, and in emergency planning and emergency management especially.
  • Can reflect over the quality of emergency arrangements prepared to manage accidents, crises and other unexpected incidents.
  • Knows about fire prevention work in general and especially implementation of supervision.
  • Is able to reflect over the quality in fire prevention work.
  • Can acquire and apply the knowledge in the field of emergency management and fire prevention.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Technical Safety in the Process Industry; Fire Suppression Systems and Structural Fire Protection; Building Design for Fire Safety.

Teaching methods

In the first part (Emergency management) there will be lectures combined with project work and practical training. The practical training consist of 2 whole school days with different table-top and simulation based exercises.


In the second part (Fire prevention) there will also be lectures and project work, in addition to participation on a fire prevention inspection with a Fire Department.

Compulsory learning activities

  1. Attendance at two teaching days with practical emergency drill (emergency management).
  2. Attendance at fire prevention inspections (fire prevention work).


Part 1: Project in Emergency Management, accounts for 30 % of the final grade.

Part 2: Project in Fire Prevention, accounts for 30 % of the final grade.

Part 3: Written exam, 3 hours, accounts for 40 % of the final grade.

The written exam will consist of the two themes Emergency Management and Fire Prevention. To pass the exam, a pass must be obtained in both themes.


All three parts must be passed.

Grade:  A - E / passed;  F / failed.

Examination support material

Projects: All

Written exam: No help allowed

More about examination support material

Course reductions

  • ING3045 - Beredskapleiing og brannførebyggjande arbeid - Reduction: 10 studypoints
  • ING2017 - Beredskapsplanlegging og krisehandtering - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • ING3040 - Beredskapsplanlegging og krisehandtering - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • ING3106EVU - Beredskapsleiing - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • ING3046 - Beredskapleiing og HMS-revisjon - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • EVI1003 - Beredskapsleiing - Reduction: 4 studypoints
  • ING3058 - Beredskapleiing og HMS-revisjon - Reduction: 4 studypoints