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NAB1019 Norwegian Project Y-vei

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

In Norsk prosjekt Y-veg the students will get an introduction to the communication process and what characterises good communication in a maritime context and academic writing. The students will be taught in the most important written genres within their field of study. Writing skills are central, especially skills in academic writing. The students will also be taught in rethoric and argumentation, and in language as a tool for good communication and syntax, grammar and basic writing rules. 

Learning Outcome

- Knowledge:


The student

  • has knowledge of the communication process and  what characterises good communication
  • has knowledge of central genres within the maritime area
  • knows what characterizes an academic text, and knows the principles of citation 
  • can make a valid argument
  • has knowledge of syntax, grammar and basic writing rules
  • has knowledge of the most important written genres within their field of study


- Skills:


The student

  • is able to create and implement written and oral presentations
  • is able to write within the academic field 
  • is able to find, assess and refer to information and subject matter and present the information so that it highlights a problem
  • should master relevant communication tools, techniques and forms of expressions


- Competence:


The student

  • is able to convey work related theories, issues and solutions, both orally and in writing and through other relevant forms of expressions
  • is able to reflect upon their own professional practice and adjust this under guidance
  • is able to exchange views and experiences with others within the maritime industry, and by such contribute to development of good practice

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Lectures with student activities, written and oral assignments and presentations, group work and individual guidance.

The student chooses either bokmål or nynorsk as his or her language variant.

Compulsory learning activities

One oral presentation where the subject is given at the start of the semester. One guidance of an assignment draft. The final assignment will be a part of the portfolio.


Portfolio assessment. The portfolio contains two elements: one theoretically based paper (counts 70 %), and one experience-based paper following guidance (counts 30 %).

Examination support material

All available aids allowed.

More about examination support material