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ING4051UTV Professional Placement Learning 2 - Laboratory

Course description for academic year 2022/2023

Contents and structure

The student shall get a relevant work experience with focus on laboratory work and relate this to theoretical knowledge. The course is part of Western Norway University of Applied Sciences international study profile.

The work experience will primarily be experimental research work at the fire safety laboratory at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

Learning Outcome


The student should develop experimental apparatus and use this in accordance with earlier published research, understand the importance of accuracy and reproducibility of experimental work.


The student should develop comparative understanding of work procedures, the ability to question concepts and to relate the theoretical and technological aspects of the study program.  

General Qualifications:

The student should obtain a good understanding of the Norwegian working traditions among other safety, health and environment.

Entry requirements

Bachelor degree in engineering

Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

The work experience shall be conducted at a Norwegian company or university and be related to the students study program at the students own university. The student shall be involved in ongoing laboratory work related to research and development. 

The work load is about 16-24 hours a week in the laboratory and 1 to 4 hours self study.

Compulsory learning activities




Grade: Passed/failed.

Examination support material


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Course reductions

  • ING4050UTV - Professional Placement Learning 1 - Laboratory - Reduction: 10 studypoints