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Master in Fire Safety - part time


Are you interested in a unique master's degree program concerning Fire Safety? Do you want to contribute to a more fire safe society? With a master's degree in Fire Safety you will have the competence to handle advanced and complex fire safety issues! We offer a Master's program in Fire Safety Engineering as one of only eight institutions in the world.

Admission is cancelled for 2024, and no new student will be enrolled in 2024.

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    Admission and how to apply

    Admission requirements

    Applicants to the program are required to have a bachelor degree in Fire Safety Engineering.

    Applicants with another technological bachelor degree may also be considered for admission, if they in addition have passed the following courses from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, or equivalent from other institutions:

    • ING2043 Fire Dynamics (10 ECTS)
    • ING2045 Active and Passive Fire Protection (10 ECTS)

    Minimum requirement for admission is the cumulative grade point average equivalent to, or better than, a C in the Norwegian system.

    Applicants from outside the Nordic countries must provide evidence of their academic achievements and proficiency in English. See our page for how to document proficiency in English.

    Norwegian applicants that lacks the two required courses can apply as a single course student for SIK201 Bridging course for Master in Fire Safety Engineering within the deadline December 1st 2022.

    Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any further questions concerning admission.

    Admission to HVL

    Fire Safety is becoming more and more important in today's society, and the need for knowledge and competence in this field is increasing rapidly.

    The primary objective of this master's program is to provide industry and society with highly qualified candidates who through in-depth knowlede in the field can contribute to a more fire safe society. One of the most important aspects in this context is measures to reduce risks related to major accidents. The master's program is organized in close contact with industry partners focusing particularly on fire technical issues.

    The master's program covers the following main topics:

    • Measures (barriers) to prevent ignition and fire.
    • Understanding of different scenarios for fire- and smoke development
    • Modelling of fire- and smoke development, egress and risk to people, property and the environment
    • Fire safety design
    • Fire safety risk assessment
    • Human behavior in fire and evacuation
    • Contingency
    • Fire prevention in businesses and municipality
    • Communication and accident investigation

    If you take the education part-time, you have the opportunity to combine your studies with a job. The part-time education has the same content, teaching arrangements and admission requirements as the full-time education, but you take the courses over 8 semesters instead of 4.

    The primary language of instruction is English. The work is organized through lectures, seminars, group work, project work and presentations.

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