One Ocean Exploration

One Ocean Exploration is a project about children and their understanding of the ocean. We study collaborative exploration and ways of building a pedagogical culture for children’s exploration.

Project Leaders

bilde av Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

Research Director

bilde av Aihua Hu

Aihua Hu

Associate Professor Emerita

One Ocean Exploration

Children’s understanding of the world is closely tied to what they do. If given rich opportunities to play, move, explore and sense by and around the ocean, they will develop their understanding of the sea and its many biotopes and cultural meanings.

This project aims to contribute to formative development and hope. The conservation and protection of our ocean is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and 2021-2023 is the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Through supporting children’s emerging ocean literacy, we encourage their awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the ocean that surrounds us.

One Ocean Exploration is an initiative on the theme of oceans and explorative pedagogical cultures. We have several sub-projects and events, which you can read about below.


Ocean Portrait

Ocean Portrait is an ongoing art- and research project in collaboration with Kunstpilotene.


Bølger (Waves) is a student project about 2-yearolds and their experience of waves.

Collaborative Exploration by the Sea

'Samarbeidsutforskning ved havet' (collaborative exploration by the sea) is a student project run by master student Janne Torsvik in 2022/2023.

Gender Perspective on Children's Exploration

This is a student project run by master student Monica Gustavsen in 2022/2023. It deals with how children's gender is expressed in exploration by the ocean.


HAVSANS / OceanSense

HAVSANS (OceanSense) is an art-, exploration- and dissemination event for young children. Read more about OceanSense.