PhD Candidate

Janne Iren Robberstad

Field of work

Assistant professor at HVL, Master in Creative disciplines and learning processes, currently Phd-candidate researching Eco-design in education - sustainable eco-creativity and craftsmanshiip


Working with STEAM-education in international research projects. 


Janne is the coordinator of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "Creativity, Art and Science in Primary Education (CASE)" .

She also coordinates the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "GSO4school": , which is the teacher-training program connected to the Global Sceience Opera: 

Research groups


  • Broderi i samspel

    Kvellestad, Randi Veiteberg, Robberstad, Janne Iren (2022)
  • Creativity, Educational Design and Teacher Education in the Global Trans-disciplinary Classroom - Key Note, NAFOL conference 2021

    Ben-Horin, Oded, Espeland, Magne, Robberstad, Janne Iren, Souza, Marcelo H. (2021)
  • Evig Teatermagi

    Robberstad, Janne Iren, Fugli, Ida (2020)
  • Dialogue and materiality/embodiment in science|arts creative pedagogy: Their role and manifestation

    Chappell, Kerry, Hetherington, Lindsay, Keene, H Ruck, Wren, Heather, Alexopoulos, A, Ben-Horin, Oded, Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos, Robberstad, Janne Iren, Sotiriou, Sofoklis, Bogner, Franz Xaver (2019)
  • Undress my Ego

    Robberstad, Janne Iren, Fugli, Ida (2018)