Associate Professor

Jon Øivind Hoem

Field of work

Associate professor at Department of Arts Education, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – Bergen.

Teaching and research is mainly within new, digital media. Some recent projects are robot assisted educationspherical media, various interactive installations and the use of mobile technologies.

Jon is leading research network ICT and media and assocuiated with TekLab, a network for academic technology development in Western Norway.

More information (mainly in Norwegian) in my blog and at


  • Producing Hypertext Narratives for Mobile Phones

    Iversen, Sarah Hoem, Hoem, Jon Øivind (2020)
  • Hive Mind

    Eide, Gro Merete, Arneberg, Ann-Mari Nilsen, Hoem, Jon Øivind (2020)
  • Auditolocomotiv

    Goodwin, Jeanett Ann, Hoem, Jon Øivind, Hareide, Erling Johan (2020)
  • Automatoner – Våre nye medborgere?

    Hoem, Jon Øivind (2020)
  • Digital Learning Tools in the Age of Machine Intelligence

    Hoem, Jon Øivind, Iversen, Sarah Hoem (2020)
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