PhD Candidate

Jonas Cisar Romme

Jonas Cisar Romme
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Field of work


Creative pedagogies

Creative partnerships

Music education

Community music


2019 to 2023 Jonas is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Ph.D. program at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, called “Bildung and Pedagogical Practices”. The subject for the article-based thesis is creativity in music teacher training


Since entering higher education in 2016 Jonas has been teaching within music education and community music and has been undertaking research.


Jonas currently lectures in the Master of Creative Learning Processes’ music profile and bachelor students in the music education programme. Before that, developing course deions and content in Norway's first Bachelor in Community Music and carrying out teaching in this programme was a big part of the job. This program is recently developed into a broader Community Arts program with profiles in music, dance and visual art.


Teaching subjects: Community music history and central concepts, placement coordinator, how to workshop, bachelor thesis, arranging/composing/songwriting, popular music and jazz music history and listening, ensemble playing, ear training, music theory.


Jonas is active as a researcher in "School and concert - from transmission to dialogue" - an innovation project on Norwegian professional visiting concerts in partnership with AYAN (Kulturtanken), founded by the Norwegian Research Council ( This project runs 2017-2020 in is aimed at developing new concepts for creative partnerships between schools and artists – with implications affecting both teacher training, music education and organisations for creative partnerships.


Jonas holds a master’s degree in Creative Subjects and Learning Processes from 2015. The thesis is named "My Music Performance is Changing! - Perspectives on ‘The Aesthetic Talk’ in Ensemble Teaching in Upper Secondary School”. This points back to an early career as teacher in upper secondary/high school (2002 – 2016).


Jonas's research interests are creativity, learning processes, music’s potential of personal growth, inclusion, community-building, identity-constituting and connections to and benefit for society, and how different (music) philosophies and quality conceptions/aesthetics is evident in communication surrounding music activities.


As musical director of a local amateur big band (Haugaland Storband) theories and skills are tested in reality, and arrangements / tranions of recordings are made and been performed.


Prior to the academic career Jonas has

·      taught several subjects at the upper secondary school's music programme for 14 years. Subjects included

-       arranging/composing,

-       music history,

-       instrumental teacher (saxophone, clarinet, drums/percussion),

-       ensemble playing (musical band - 8 musicals, jazz group, soul band, chamber music)

-       Projects outside school with students composing for professional musician's school concerts (MUNOR)

·      been giving instrumental lessons in saxophone, clarinet and drum set in municipal "culture school"

·      conducted schools’ symphonic bands (parent-driven)

·      published arrangements of Norwegian popular music for choir and pop band (community music style)

·      performance experience from big bands, soul and pop bands, small jazz ensembles, theatre music, symphony orchestra, saxophone quartet, choirs, vocal groups, and as church musician.

·      been reviewing concerts and album releases