Jonas Cisar Romme

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Jonas is lecturer in music education on bachelor and master level and researcher at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – Department of Arts Education. Since December 2019 a PhD candidate with the project “Creative pedagogies in music teacher education”.

Before entering higher education In 2016 he worked as a music teacher in Norwegian upper secondary school (“Musikklinja”), in municipal culture schools, and as music reviewer. He still publishes arrangements for choir, and is currently conducting/leading, arranging for, and playing 1st alto saxophone in a local big band, Haugaland storband, which yearly performs 6-7 concerts, some of them with nationally known artists.

He holds a master’s degree in Creative Subjects and Learning Processes from 2015. The thesis is named "My Music Performance is Changing!" - Perspectives on 'The Aesthetic Talk' in Ensemble Teaching in Upper Secondary School.

Earlier tasks/positions at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences:

  • Work environmental representative at Institute of Arts Education (2021-2023)
  • Teaching personnel representative for Faculty of Teacher Education, culture and physical training in the entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship programme, HVL Skape (2022-2023)


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Courses in higher education:

Year-study in music

Specialist music teacher education

General music teacher education

Bachelor in Community Music

Practical-Pedagogical Education (PPU) / Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - one year

Master in Creative Subjects and Learning Processes

Master in Arts Education


Specific teaching fields in higher education:

  • Arranging/Composing,
  • Popular music history
  • Jazz music history,
  • Classical music history
  • Ensemble playing,
  • How to workshop in community settings and school settings,
  • Ear training,
  • Music theory,
  • Community music philosophy,
  • Community music history and central concepts,
  • Supervision of bachelor candidates
  • Creativity theory
  • Creative pedagogies
  • Supervision of students’ creative projects


Music activities before entering higher education

Subjects at the upper secondary school's music programme (2002-2016):

  • Arranging/composing,
  • Music history /Music in Perspective
  • Instrumental teacher (saxophone, clarinet, drums/percussion),
  • Ensemble playing: Musical band - 8 musicals (arranged and rehearsed), jazz group, soul band, chamber music
  • Composing projects where students composed for professional musician's school concerts (MUNOR)
  • Sound engineering at exams, concerts and musicals and tutoring pupils in this regard


In municipal "culture school"

  • One-to-one- and group-lessons in saxophone, clarinet and drum set (1993-2013)
  • Conducting symphonic bands
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Creative pedagogies in music teacher education (PhD project)

Jonas's research interests are creativity, learning processes, music and teaching philosophies and their relationship to quality conceptions and practices.

Jonas was researcher in "School and concert - from transmission to dialogue" - an innovation project on Norwegian professional visiting concerts in public schools - in partnership with Kulturtanken, founded by the Norwegian Research Council. Reports and video examples are publicly available at



  • Musikalsk innslag på opningsseremoni ved studiestart. campus Stord

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  • Konsert med Klingenberg

    Rolfsnes, Gunhild Sofie Aadland, Espeland, Åsmund, Hammersland, Frode, Olsen, Jonas Selås, Romme, Jonas Cisar (2022)
  • Skole og konsert – fra formidling til dialog. Sluttrapport fra et innovasjonsprosjekt

    Holdhus, Kari Mette, Romme, Jonas Cisar, Espeland, Magne (2021)
  • DiSkometoden - dialogbasert kunstner-lærersamarbeid

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  • Breaking the dualism of Art vs Pedagogy? Public schools as topoi for dialogic musical events?

    Holdhus, Kari Mette, Espeland, Magne, Romme, Jonas Cisar, Christophersen, Catharina Renate (2020)
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