Childhood, substance use and social marginalization

The research group’s aim is to develop practice-relevant knowledge about childhood, substance use and social marginalization.

The theoretical and methodological basis for the work in the research group is diverse and the group's members use perspectives from psychology, social science, child welfare and social work in their research. A central focus of the research group is how childhood, drug use and marginalization are embedded in a social and cultural context, and the participants study different aspects of this mutual interaction.

The research group is a professional arena to:

  1. develop and carry out research projects at a high scientific level
  2. increase the publishing activity of members
  3. increase external project funding
  4. contribute to research-based teaching on childhood, substance use and social marginalization on bachelor's, master's and PhD. level
  5. create forum for discussions between professionals, researchers, PhD candidates and master students
  6. develop and participate in networks with professionals and experts by experience as well as other regional, national and international research groups

Research groupleader

bilde av Tone Jørgensen

Tone Jørgensen

Associate Professor