Law, Democracy and Welfare

Political, civil and social rights for citizens are a prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy. The law is also an important tool for implementing welfare services.

The legal development in various areas of the welfare state has important implications for the design of social citizenship, meaning the institutional framework that ideally ensure citizens' opportunities to participate in society as equal and free citizens.

The theoretical basis for the research group's work is rooted in social science.  The research group focuses both on the effects of different legal constructions on the freedom and social/political participation of vulnerable groups and on how the performance of services and decisions take place in practice.

The interplay between the welfare state's services and juridification processes is a key feature of today's societal development. The knowledge base is weak in this area and the research group contributes new research-based knowledge.

Research group leader

bilde av Øyvind Samnøy Tefre

Øyvind Samnøy Tefre

Assistant Professor