Associate Professor

Meinrad Pohl

Field of work

History and Economics

-preindustrial ressource extraction and trade

-preisndustrial trade theory and trade politics

-trade and development in historic perspective

-transkription and translatiuon of latin and german manuscripts

- medieval and early modern material culture


Courses taught

- mediaval history

- early modern history

- economics

Research areas

- preindustrial economic history (trade, trade theory, trade politics)

- medieval and early modern trade in mineral ressources

- material culture


  • Riktig kvern for riktig korn?- Eksperimentel arkeologi og citizen science

    Pohl, Meinrad (2021)
  • Byen blir til (Leseplaneten 1/2020)

    Pohl, Meinrad (2020)
  • Über Umwege in die mittelalterlichen Steinbrüche der Osteifel.

    Pohl, Meinrad (2020)
  • Provenienzbestimmung von Tuffstein in mittelalterlichen Bauten an Rhein und Nordsee

    Pohl, Meinrad, Geisweid (+), Jutta (2019)
  • Reformation before 1537? Transition of ecclesiastical property in Norway into the hands of the nobility.

    Baug, Irene, Pohl, Meinrad (2018)