Do you require special facilitation with regard to conditions affecting your studies? We can help with various types of facilitation to ensure you have the best possible options for studying with us. Get in touch to see what opportunities are available for facilitation of your studies and/or practical placement.

There may be various reasons as to why a student may require facilitation, for example, this may be because of short or long-term illness/injury, a disability, reading and writing difficulties, pregnancy/breastfeeding, participation in elite sports and so on.

Our overarching goal is to provide facilitation services so that as many people as possible can benefit from the education we have to offer. Let us know of any facilitation requirements you may have as early as possible!

Do you have any questions?  Contact us: tilrettelegging@hvl.no


The deadline to apply for facilitation of your teaching or examinations is 1 September and 1 February, or as soon as the need for facilitation arises.

The reply will be sent to your digital mailbox or in regular mail.

Accessibility on campus


From the tram stop, there are routes without steps and clear paths to the main entrance as well as to student accommodation and the sports facilities building. There are 15 accessible parking bays that are free of charge if you have a municipal blue badge/parking permit. Getting to and parking in Bergen.

Our buildings at Kronstad have good accessibility options for everyone who has a disability. The reception is located just inside the main entrance. The main corridor on the ground floor has tactile and visual directions on the floor with markers indicating the entrances to the stairs and lifts. Lifts have speech synthesis and Braille. 



There are two parking bays for people with disabilities on campus where you can also charge your electric car, as well as two parking bays next to the auditorium.

Rest rooms, baby care rooms and induction loop rooms in Stord