KINDknow – Research topics and Groups

Project description in Cristin database.

WP 1: Framing early childhood education  ‘Bildung’ – cultural historical and future scenario practices
by Professor Elin Eriksen Ødegaard (HVL), the project team and collaborators 

WP 2: Being and becoming eco-citizens
by Associate professor Marianne Presthus Heggen (HVL), Barbara Maria Sageidet (UiS) and team

WP 3: Sustainable language practices in Norwegian kindergartens
by Associate professor Carola Kleemann (UiT), Associate professor Edit Bugge (HVL) and team

WP 4: Multilingual mathematics: Using digital games to develop children's mathematical languages
by Professor Tamsin Meaney (HVL) and team  

WP 5: Food and meals in kindergartens
by Professor Hege Wergedahl (HVL) and team

WP 6: Conditioning children as explorers
by Associate professor Liv Torunn Grindheim (HVL), Associate professor Åsta Birkeland (HVL) and team  

WP 7: The methodology of place – in between local tradition and the development of place in kindergartens for the future
by Associate professor Anne Myrstad (UiT) and team

WP 8: Families, generations and belonging 
by post.doc. (to be announced) and team 

WP 9: The competent kindergarten – systemic knowledge creation and dissemination
by Docent Øyvind Glosvik (HVL), Docent Svein Ole Sataøen (HVL) and  team 

WP 10: Leadership and diversity in kindergartens
by Professor Kari Ludvigsen (HVL), Assistant professor Dag-Øyvind Lotsberg (HVL) and team