Associate Professor

Silje Valde Onsrud

Field of work

Silje Valde Onsrud is associate professor in music education (Ph.D.) at Department of Arts Education. She is researching music education practices and material in elementary school, teacher education and early childhood education. Beside teaching in the music teacher education programs, Onsrud is leading the master thesis writing for music students in the generalist teacher educations as well as a Ph.D.-course in arts education. She also supervises master- and Ph.D.-candidates.

Ongoing projects:

"Music Teacher Education for the Future" (FUTURED 2019-2022) is a research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council, which maps the music subject in the new 5-years general teacher education in Norway and examen teaching practices for the future through action research together with preservice teachers. Role: Co-manager and work package leader.

Nettside til FUTURED

Selected publications:

Onsrud, Silje Valde, Fredriksen, Bendik, Rinholm, Hanne & Lindgren, Monica (2022). The mulitplicity of preservice music teachers' positioning in a participatory action research project. Research Studies in Music Education,

Onsrud, Silje Valde (2021). Thinking queer pedagogy in music education with Girl in Red. In Onsrud, S.V., Blix, H.S. & Vestad I.L. (eds.): Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education: From Stereotypes to Multiple Possibilities. London: Routledge Publisher.

Blix, Hilde Synnøve, Vestad, Ingeborg Lunde & Onsrud, Silje Valde (2021). Envisioning Gender Diversity for Music Education. In Onsrud, S.V., Blix, H.S. and Vestad I.L. (eds.): Gender Issues in Scandinavian Music Education: From Stereotypes to Multiple Possibilities. London: Routledge Publisher.

Onsrud, Silje Valde (2019). Sang som meningsskaping og danning i barnehagen: Om sangrepertoarets muligheter og grenser. Tiri Bergesen Schei (red.): Musikkpraktisk klokskap i arbeid med barnehagebarn. Bergen: Fagbokforlaget

Onsrud, Silje Valde (2017). «And the melody still lingers on»: Om danningspotensiale i ein discolåt. Nordisk Nettverk for Musikkpedagogisk Forskning, Årbok 18 Oslo: NMH-publikasjoner 

Onsrud, Silje Valde (2015). Gender Performativity through Musicking: Examples from a Norwegian Classroom Study. Nordisk Nettverk for Musikkpedagogisk Forskning, Årbok 16 Oslo: NMH-publikasjoner  

Courses taught

  • Music Education theory and didactics
  • Discourse theory and analysis
  • Qualitative methods
  • Gender and sexuality theory
  • Science theory
  • Arts Education/Didactics of the Arts 

Research areas

  • Gender performativity in music education
  • Song repertoir as art expression and cultural expression
  • Teacher Education for the future
  • Generalist music teacher education in critical perspektive
  • Gender perspective in educational research

Research groups