Cultural diversity and ethnic minorities in the kindergarten, at school and in the society.

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Department of Pedagogy, Religion and Social Studies

Project period

January 2016 - August 2019

Project summary

The project focuses upon different topics and questions about cultural diversity and ethnic minorities and relates to teacher education and the practice field of teachers. The topics will be studied differently and in different contexts, such as the refugee situation, integration processes, the condition for minority cultures and their possibilities for development in the majority society.  An important question will be how the teacher education can prepare the teachers to meet these groups of pupils.

Procect 1

The flight towards a new life. Hopes for life and experienced knowledge on transfers and crossings from refugee receptions to permanent residence

An important approach will be the integration process of asylum seekers, a process that starts already at the reception center. Local communities are encouraged to receive and give shelter to thousands of refugees. NGO’s and public authorities implement language teaching courses, activities and introductory courses. In Bergen, at the old premises of the Teacher Education an emergency ward is established, giving shelter to 700 refugees. The ward will host refugees temporarily before they go to places that are more permanent. However, we lack knowledge of the function of the center and the process thereafter.  How do different migrants experience the first contact with the Norwegian society? What life stories do they have, how do they experience the programs, activities and the contact with voluntary and public actors in the local community? What do they think of the future?


Project 2

Mediation of culture through out-door activities in Saami kindergartens

This project will investigate how, and to what extent tradtional saami knowledge and values are related to the relation between human and nature and how it can be studied through outdoor activites in kindergartens in core Saami areas.

The object is to develop knowledge in order to strengthen the Saami perspective and develop a multucultural approach in the teacher education. This will also develop new knowledge about how the kindergarten can be organised in order to arrange for children's understanding of  sustainable development.