EVBRES in 2019

Implementation and methodology research

Increased knowledge on how to implement new knowledge in health services and in education is a national priority. There will be a great demand for competence in evidence-based practice in the years ahead.

The projects in the research group contribute to knowledge development and implementation of evidence-based practice in education, health care and research. The group further assist in the development of new tools and methods to promote and support knowledge-based practice.

There is a need for research on the effects of various improvement and implementation interventions in education, health care and research; and on facilitators and barriers to the implementation of evidence-based recommendations. There is also a need for development of tools and methods that promote a systematic and structured access to evidence-based research.

The group consists of researchers from the University of Bergen, the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services and the University of Southern Denmark. There is an emphasis on involving end users as partners and on inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Head of research

bilde av Hans Aage Lund

Hans Aage Lund

Professor, Department of health and functioning