Assessment committee

When the application for assessment of the PhD thesis has been approved by the programme committee, the members of the committee will recommend candidates to make up the assessment committee.

The main supervisor is responsible for proposing nominees for the assessment committee to the programme committee. The list of proposed nominees must be justified and include an explanation of how the committee members collectively cover the academic scope of the thesis. The proposal for the assessment committee should also include a proposed committee chairperson from among the committee’s members or in addition to the committee’s members. This must be accomplished before the proposal is sent to the programme committee.

We recommend that the work to nominate the assessment committee be done in dialogue with the academic coordinator who will submit the proposal the programme committee.

The committee shall normally have the following composition:

  • both genders are represented
  • the majority of the assessment committee are external members 
  • at least one of the members holds a senior position at a foreign institution
  • one of the members is a permanent employee at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences 
  • all members have PhD degrees

All members of the assessment committee must be qualified cf. Section 6-10 of the Norwegian Public Administration Act and must sign a declaration of impartiality that is sent to the programme committee together with the proposed composition of the assessment committee. Appointed supervisors and others who have contributed in the thesis work cannot be members of the assessment committee or administrate it.

When the programme committee for individual field of study has appointed members to the assessment committee, the portfolio is forwarded to the dean, which then appoints the assessment committee.

You will be informed of the proposed composition of the committee, and you may submit written comments by no later than one week from the time the proposed composition was made known to you.