Assessment of thesis

Once the assessment committee has been appointed, the research administration sends the submitted thesis and necessary permits/declarations to the assessment committee.

The assessment committee may require that the candidate's source materials and supplementary and clarifying information be submitted to them. The committee may also ask the supervisor to give an account of the supervision and work done in conjunction with the thesis. 

Within three months of receiving the thesis, the committee shall issue a statement of the grounds for the decision as to whether the work is worthy of a defence for the doctoral degree. You will receive the assessment committee's recommendation and, if necessary, you will be given a period of 10 working days to submit written comments on the recommendation. The dean, based on the assessment committee's recommendation, will then make the decision as to whether the PhD thesis is approved for a public defence. 

The assessment committee may recommend that minor changes in structure be made before they issue the final recommendation. If this applies to your thesis, the committee will provide you with a specific list of items you need to revise. The recommendation is processed by the programme committee.

A submitted thesis cannot be retracted until it is finally decided whether it is approved for public defence. After submitting the thesis, you may apply for permission to correct formal errors (errata) in the thesis