Submit your thesis

To submit a thesis for assessment, you must first submit an application to HVL to have the thesis assessed. Please use the form "application for evaluation of doctoral thesis" and include the following attachments:

  • The thesis in pdf format (submit one pdf). 
  • Documentation that the training component has been completed and approved
  • Documentation of necessary permits, e.g. permission from research ethics committees, from authorities, private individuals etc (if this not is included in the dissertation).
  • Declaration of co-author(s)
  • A summary of the thesis in Norwegian and English

Please note that you should use HVLs template for PhD-thesis when submitting the thesis.

Incomplete applications will be rejected by the programme committee of the relevant discipline.

The thesis will be sent for control for plagiarism. 

Please note that a thesis which has been submitted can not be withdrawn before the evaluation committee has determined whether it is worthy to be defended for the PhD degree.  

After the PhD candidate has submitted the doctoral thesis for evaluation, he/she will be allowed to apply for correction of formal errors in the thesis. A list of errors that the candidate wishes to correct must be attached to the application. 

Summary and thesis

You must submit a succinct summary of the thesis in English and Norwegian. In addition, if you have received permission from the programme committee to write the thesis in a language other than Norwegian or English, a summary must be provided in the thesis language. The summary, like the thesis itself, will be published and made public.

The summary should provide a description of the thesis and should include information about:

  • the subject area in which the thesis is written
  • the research questions/hypotheses that the thesis addresses
  • the methods and data that are used
  • important conclusions and findings that are key to the research results
  • exemplification, if possible, of usefulness/application of the findings
  • where the work was carried out

The application with all attachments is submitted to Write the name of your PhD programme in the e-mail.

The application will be processed by the programme committee.