Conferral of the degree and diploma

Once the training component, the thesis and the doctoral examination have been approved, the Rector will confer the  philosophiae doctor and a diploma will be issued to you.


HVL will send the Diploma and the Diploma supplement to you by mail to the address registered as your  "home address" in Studentweb. Please contact the administrative PhD coordinator if you have any questions or need help for registering the correct address.

Doctoral Awards Ceremony

A seperate ceremony is organized annually (from 2022) at HVL where new doctors receive doctoral diploma. The Doctoral Awards Ceremony is a celebration of those who have completed HVL’s highest education.

New doctors will be invited to the ceremony. Here you can read more about the Doctoral Awards Ceremony.

If you cannot attend the Doctoral Awards Ceremony you will receive the doctoral diploma by mail. Please make sure that HVL has your current e-mail and postal address, so that your diploma reaches your letterbox.